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Clicks to Campfires: How a Single Mom Built a Business on Adventure

Joan tapped away at her keyboard, a satisfied smile playing on her lips. Her tiny Brooklyn apartment, usually bustling with the chaos of freelance writing gigs, felt strangely serene.

The reason?

The headline of her latest blog post gleamed back at her: "Conquering Camping with Kids: From Gear to Grub (and How Not to Lose Your Sanity)."

camping and blogging

Six months ago, Joan was drowning in a sea of unpaid invoices and ramen noodles.  A single mom with a travel bug, she dreamt of turning her passion for budget-friendly adventures into a career.

Then, one rainy afternoon with her daughter Lily glued to a travel show, inspiration struck. Joan stumbled upon the world of affiliate marketing.

Intrigued, Joan devoured everything she could find on the topic. The basic idea was simple: promote products or services you genuinely loved through your blog, and earn a commission every time someone clicked on your affiliate link and made a purchase.

The "aha!" moment came when Joan realized she could combine her love for travel with the needs of other parent adventurers.  She revamped her blog, "The Momma Nomad," focusing on practical tips, budget hacks, and honest reviews of travel gear and kid-friendly destinations.

Her first affiliate clicks? A measly two, for a pair of toddler-proof hiking boots. But Joan persisted. She poured her heart into her writing, creating engaging how-to guides, hilarious anecdotes about camping mishaps (the Great Lost Sock of '23 incident still gave her nightmares), and even a series of "Packing Like a Pro" posts with strategically placed affiliate links to backpacks, travel strollers, and space-saving toiletry bags.

Gradually, something magical happened.  "The Momma Nomad" started attracting a loyal following. Parents eager to escape the city walls with their little ones resonated with Joan's humor, resourcefulness, and genuine love for adventure.

Fans started leaving comments, sharing their own experiences, and tagging Joan in photos from their successful camping trips – all inspired by "The Momma Nomad."

The turning point came with a post on the best kid-friendly campgrounds across the US, sprinkled with affiliate links to campsite reservations and outdoor gear retailers.  Fueled by enthusiastic readers sharing the post, Joan finally saw a trickle of commissions turn into a steady stream. 

She cautiously quit her last freelance gig, a constant source of stress and late payments. The freedom was exhilarating.

Today, with a loyal reader base and a carefully curated selection of affiliate partnerships, Joan had achieved her goal: a consistent income of $5,000 a month.  More importantly, she was her own boss, working from anywhere with an internet connection. 

But the best part? Inspiring other families to create lasting memories under the open sky.

As Joan closed her laptop, the pitter-patter of tiny feet announced her daughter, Lily. "Ready for our camping trip adventure, Momma Nomad?" Lily asked, a twinkle mirroring Joan's own.

"Absolutely," Joan replied, a warmth spreading through her chest. This wasn't just about financial freedom, it was about living a life true to her passions and sharing the journey with the most important person in her world.  The laptop could wait - the real adventure was about to begin.

This trip, however, felt different. Armed with her earnings from "The Momma Nomad," Joan wasn't just surviving, she was thriving. They weren't crammed into a leaky tent anymore. This time, they had a cozy cabin with a working bathroom (a luxury not to be underestimated with a five-year-old).

Lily bounced with excitement as Joan unpacked a brand new, lightweight tent – an affiliate partnership that had allowed Joan to choose top-quality gear without breaking the bank.  The tent even came with a fun glow-in-the-dark constellation chart on the ceiling, perfect for bedtime stories beneath the stars.

As the weekend unfolded, Joan watched with pride as Lily explored the campsite with newfound confidence, armed with a sturdy pair of hiking boots (another affiliate win) and a backpack overflowing with kid-friendly snacks (yup, you guessed it, affiliate link).

One evening, gathered around a crackling fire, Joan noticed a familiar face among the campers – a woman she'd seen commenting on her blog. They struck up a conversation, and the woman, Sarah, confessed that "The Momma Nomad" had been her lifeline.

Sarah, a single mom too, had been terrified to take her son camping alone. Joan's tips and encouragement had empowered her to give it a try.

That simple conversation was a golden moment for Joan.  It wasn't just about the money. It was about creating a community, a space where parents could support and encourage each other to chase their travel dreams, no matter their budget.

As the flames danced and the crickets chirped, Joan knew she'd found her true calling.


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