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The Full Story

Storyteller & Online Business Creator Passionate about helping content creators & digital marketers achieve their goals. 


Hey there! I'm Damon Smith, a seasoned professional with an MBA and a knack for weaving captivating stories.  For over two decades, I thrived in corporate America, leaving my mark on prestigious companies like Sony Music and Valentino. 


But it was my unquenchable passion for storytelling and creating online businesses that truly set my soul on fire. Now, I've set my sights on a new mission: helping content creators and digital marketers like you achieve their wildest dreams. 


With my extensive experience in the corporate world and my insatiable hunger for innovation, I bring a unique blend of strategic thinking and creative flair to the table. My goal is to transform your ideas into powerful narratives that resonate with your audience, while also driving real results for your business. 


Whether you're looking to craft compelling content, optimize your digital marketing strategies, or create a thriving online presence, I've got you covered. Together, we'll unlock the full potential of your brand and take it to new heights. 


Let's connect and embark on this exciting journey together! 

Elevate Your Digital Influence

Are you facing difficulties promoting your website or business online? Sharing the right types of content can significantly enhance your online visibility.


This free eBook will guide you through 7 types of content that will boost your online presence and attract more traffic to your website. 

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